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1. Do you have 25 employees or less?

2. Is your company service based, such as construction, medical, consulting, financial services, wellness, online, real estate, etc?

3. Is your gross income between $350,000 to $10 million annually?

4. Do you currently have someone that will deposit customer checks at the bank and pay your company’s bills?

5. Are you comfortable with providing us an accountant’s access to your bank and credit card online accounts so we can view the statements and check images?

6. Do you need someone to record income and expenses in QuickBooks “after-the-fact”? (For example, in July we enter & reconcile the transactions that occurred in June.)

7. Can all the bookkeeping work be done remotely/virtually? (Instead of having someone at your office.)

8. Do you check email regularly/frequently? Are you comfortable on the computer?

9. Do you want your income and expenses tracked in QuickBooks Online?

10. Do you have little to no inventory?

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